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Since the publication of my book "Remembering My Father, a Journal of Precious Memories for the Healing of the Heart," the greatest treasure I have received from the book are the cards, letters and phone calls from those who have either received the book as a gift or have purchased the book themselves, telling me how much it has helped them to "pour" their memories and grief into its pages. During speaking engagements over the past two years, I have been asked by a number of readers to start a blog so that people can share with one another how they have coped and survived the passing of a loved one. I invite you to help others to help themselves by sharing your experiences and stories after losing a father, a mother, a husband, a precious loved one or a friend....For the healing of the heart....

When a death makes no sense

By Rebecca Burns Parker on July 25, 2012

After a long illness, we can sometimes understand the death of a loved one. As in the case of the victims killed in Aurora, Colorado at a simple American leisure activity that should be safe, we are suddenly faced with the realization that life is indeed so fragile and we must be prepared to leave this world at any moment. How can we cope with this "narrow edge" of life we walk on?  I would love to hear comments on this. Also, for those who have dealt with the loss of a child, your comments would be very helpful right now on how to get through life after the loss.



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